Precious Memories

As I sit in my rocker, here looking at our tree,
the Christmas lights and ornaments are shining back on me.

Oh those precious mem'ries of places long ago.
Oh, those precious mem'ries, a-sledding in the snow!
We wiggled as we giggled and our faces were aglow!
Oh those precious mem'ries - a-bouncing down we'd go!

As I sit in my rocker just looking at your face,
your eyes reflect the sparkling of flames in fireplace.

Oh, those precious mem'ries.of trudging up the hill.
Oh, those precious mem'ries.We sled downhill until -
you tipped the sled right over and it gave us both a thrill!
Oh, those precious mem'ries.That snow gave us a chill.

As I sit in my rocker. and you sit there in yours,
I realize we're holding hands as faithfulness endures.

Oh, those precious mem'ries. Again, we'd get a shove.
Oh, those precious mem'ries. Remember your lost glove?
Remember way atop the hill that seemed so far above?
Oh, those precious mem'ries - the day we fell in love.

As we sit in our rockers, and you begin to snore -
I realize that every day I love you more and more.

Oh, those precious mem'ries. Oh, those precious mem'ries.. Oh, those precious mem'ries...

Copyright 2004-2014 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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