Pink Rosebuds

"What is your favorite flower?"  asked the young man to the young lady who was taking his heart, one moment, one hour, one day at a time. However, life had knocked her around quite a bit in the most recent years and choosing a favorite flower had certainly NOT been on her mind!

But, somewhere inside, she knew and gave her was the rose.  But she did not know why. Was it because they burst fourth, soft and beautiful, on a bush filled with thorns?  Was it because their aroma could permeate the area around them, no matter the poverty and squaller that might be there?  Or was it because they still stretched their beautiful petals upward, even in drought and bright, hot sunshine?  Or was it just that she was captivated by their beauty, array of colors and various arrangements of petals that make the rose such a versatile plant to include in bouquets expressing one's love or condolence?  Or, had she read the legend of the rose in which a young man rescues a fair maiden from certain death by throwing his body between her and a knife targeted at her heart.  Then, where he fell and his blood dripped upon the ground, a beautiful red rose sprang up, with thorns upon the bush to protect it from easily being crushed. 

The young man wasn't concerned with the why.  He had his answer!  So, on this most special evening, he brought her a florist box as he met her in the lobby and encouraged her to open it.  Inside was the most beautiful corsage she had ever was made of fragrant, soft, beautiful, pink rosebuds!  He was taking her heart one sweet gesture at a time!

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