Life .......Making Memories

I've experienced living but not making memories. And I have experienced loosing memories I once had.  I have felt amazed, even astonished, when folks tell me that things happened that I participated in or of serious decisions I made,  all the while  appearing very cognitive, but having no memory of it when it comes up later in my life.  Thinking further on these situations, it becomes somewhat frightening and very mysterious. Sometimes I feel sorrowful when I don't have the fond precious memories that my family laughs about and enjoys. Sometimes I feel lonely and in my mind I ask, " How can this be?"  But until recently I had no answers for it. Thank God that he has helped me with this and given me some info from a capable neurologist that helps me understand. Now, I see there are so many possible answers to my question, "how can this be?". Here's some possibilities:
  • We're not in the moment. Instead, our mind is solving a problem, reviewing a yesterday or prepping for a future day. So often we're over committed and sometimes it seems we can't change that. Our expectations and other's expectation pushes us on to our too busy, too fast paced, too dedicated and too determined  lives.  As we experience it, we are not understanding the cost of our investments in these "toos" in our lives.  We don't realize they are shortchanging us and we'll end up with less memories to treasure than we should have.
  • We are suffering.  we've been disappointed, we are regretting a past or mourning for a future we will never have.  Most of the time others don't realize this is going on inside us and when others do sometimes realize it they don't know how to help us out of our suffering situation.
  • We are ill.  We aren't able to make a new memory.  Being cognitive and knowledgeable in a situation doesn't insure it will become a memory because making memories is a separate and singular function of the brain.  Sometimes that function in our brain doesn't happen in traumatic situations, so, ironically, sometimes not having the memory turns out to be a blessing.
For any of these reasons and many more, every memory becomes even more precious.

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