If you have a daughter...

 If you have a daughter, or someday want children, you need to know something.  First of all, you are beautiful.  God made you precisely and intently and specifically.  Your daughter thinks you are beautiful.  She looks at you with admiration, with trust, with an innocent view.  She thinks you are the loveliest woman she knows.  Take caution with your words in front of her.  "I just need to lose a few pounds", "nothing looks good on me", "I can't go out without makeup on".  Common sayings among women. But your daughter is listening.  She is learning.  She is mimicking.  Ladies, please don't cause your daughter to think that you are not beautiful, radiant, and lovely.  She, too, will soon begin to believe what you say about yourself just as much as you believe them.  And will eventually believe those things about herself.  Teach her self respect, dignity and self worth through your words and actions. She loves you, looks up to you, and wants to be like you.  Be someone you want her to be when she is older.  Proverbs 22:6.
- By Kasey Little - Christian Women United Facebook Group

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