Tribute To My Mother

By Becky Benedict
This is a song I wrote, with my husband's help and recorded.......My son played all the instrumentation

Click the link below to listen to it now

When I was just a little child, you held me in your arms
You calmed my fears dried all my tears, sheltered me from all life’s storms
I’d like to thank you for your special touch, for showing me you cared so much
But there’s something more I’d like to thank you for
That made a difference in my life

Momma...  you gave me many things but to you I’d like to say
You raised me up and you gave me love,  and cared for me from day to day
And Mom I know you sacrificed to give to me the best in life
But the greatest gift you ever gave was when you gave me Jesus

Now I remember through the years how you gave me special things
A new bike to ride, a store bought doll or song that I could sing
You took the time to teach a child to sew a brand new home made dress
It didn’t matter what the days would bring
You always gave your best

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  1. Well, I'm really not anonymous but it's the easiest way to get to post. A serious accident that could have taken my wife into eternity inspired this song.